Shamballa Bracelets

I decided to buy these bracelets because they are very beautiful and you can wear it daily and even at some parties.I have some pictures to show including my bracelets that i bought.And here is some interesting information about this trend)

Everyone wants to know what the TV, movie and sports stars are wearing, and what they are wearing today is the ever popular "Shamballa Bracelet", which was inspired in Tibet by Buddhist monks. No doubt, both stylists and trendsetters have embraced these Shamballa bracelets and because of that, they are quickly becoming a fashion trend not only among celebrities but also among non-celebrities as well as their fans. And in addition, some of these fans have become inspired to make their own Shamballa Bracelets. The word "Shamballa" has several different spellings including, "Shambala" and "Shambhala" but they all mean the same.
Today, Shamballa Bracelets are becoming a most popular gift and can be worn by both men, women and children as not only are they reasonably priced but quite easy to make and with just a little time and very few materials, you can have your very own, handmade bracelet. If you want to make one yourself, you would need to use either leather thongs or nylon strips, which you will then weave together using a symmetrical macrame braid with anywhere from one to seven stones, Shamballa Beads or Shamballa Jewels embellished into the design.

Of course you do have the option of buying a cheap Shamballa bracelet but it would not have the same meaning or effect over a real Shamballa bracelet. According to the Buddhist monks, each bead is supposed to represent a person's journey on their road to mindfulness, joy, thoughtfulness, tranquility and diligence as well as balance and concentration. But, most people prefer to interpret the meaning of Shamballa Beads and Shamballa Jewels in their own ways such as peace, wisdom, enlightenment, happiness and tranquility on their roads to spiritual healing. There are even those, usually people who make them, who say that each bead on any given Shamballa bracelet should have its own specific meaning, which are given to them by the wearer.

In other words, one bead may represent a time in your life where a lesson was learned; another bead may represent a person you loved and another bead may represent a loved one who has passed. Aside from their value, Shamballa bracelets will no doubt be popular for many years whether you make it yourself or not. You can even create one for someone you love with a special meaning and special beads that will be appreciated for a long time.

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  1. This bracelets are stunning and gives a very special to the person who is wearing them.